Capacity of the Faculty of Engineering in entrepreneurship training and incubation

Faculty of Engineering and its independent centers and laps

 The Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University (FECU) is considered the pioneer in the field of engineering consultations and continued education. The Center for Advancement of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences at Cairo University (CAPSCU) is one of the research pillars targeting service of the community. CASPCU is a non-profit research center that self- finances its activities within the research plan of Cairo University whose objective is to continuously improve its services for societal and environmental development.

CAPSCU was established in 1974, in cooperation with the UNIDO and UNESCO organizations of the United Nations to foster relations between Cairo University and National Industry. In 1984, following the aim of Cairo University to serve and develop the society, CAPSCU was recognized as a non-profit research center. At the time it was the only center at the Faculty of Engineering. Since then 14 centers have been established. CAPSCU Activities cover all the specializations available in the Faculty of Engineering according to the objectives stipulated in its statues.

FECU establish the "Innovation Development and Incubator Lab" at 2008. It can be used under CAPSCU supervision to support the innovation and incubation activities. Hence, both of them can provide a physical location in which a new business can start, in an environment supported by business advice and shared services. The available space can accommodate between 25-40 small businesses, all working towards the goal of ‘graduating' from the facility within 2 years. During this time, the pioneer has access to business advice and support services for the purpose of getting the business off and running in a cost effective and supportive environment. These incubators help to reduce the failure rate of start-up businesses which makes them economically viable as they help to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

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