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CAPSCU Objectives
CAPSCU mission and objectives focus on exploiting the available capabilities of the personnel and resources in the university to assist societal institutions in facing the challenges in different fields through win-win relations and directing the research in the faculty to help in solving such challenges for both public and private sectors. CAPSCU also contributes to the development of the infrastructure of the faculty and the university.

CAPSCU provides technical consultations and support through analysis of production processes, technologies, and organizational structures in several industrial and service based organizations. Examples include: Metallurgical industries, electrical equipment manufacture, food industries, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and related equipment, construction companies, touristic establishments, residential and commercial complexes, chemical industries, textiles, communication companies, building materials, wood industries, paper and carton, petroleum and natural gas industries, financial establishments and banks in addition to other sectors.

In addition to technical consultations, CAPSCU undertakes feasibility studies, asset and production lines evaluations, designing and reviewing design documents for buildings and processes, technical supervision of works, and bidding procedures and contracting. CAPSCU also provides technical training programs with a view to boost the technical skills of graduates to cope with the requirements of stakeholders in a continuously changing environment.

CAPSCU conducts its activities and its commitments by the highly qualified faculty members from the 14 departments of the FECU comprising over 1000 faculty members covering almost all engineering disciplines namely: Architectural Engineering; Structural Engineering; Public Works, Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering; Mechanical Power Engineering; Mechanical Design and Production; Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering; Electrical Power and Machines; Electronics and Communications; Chemical Engineering; Mining, Petroleum, and Metallurgical Engineering; Systems and Biomedical Engineering; and Computer Engineering together with distinguished industrial experts and with the collaboration of other research centers and faculty members from Cairo University.

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